Visit of His Excellency Mr. Reuven Rivlin to the Baptismal Site at Jordan River

On Tuesday March 19, His Excellency Mr. Reuven Rivlin, the President of the State of Israel met with the Heads of Churches, visiting the Baptismal Site Qasr Al-Yehud at the Jordan River near Jericho.
His Eminence Archbishop Sevan Gharibian, the Grand Sacristan, the Very Reverend Father Koryoun Baghdasarian, the Chancellor, and the very Reverend Father Diran Hakobian, the acting Chief Dragoman represented the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

President Jordan River March 2019

The HALO Trust has already cleared a large part of the area of land mines, and is continuing to do so there.
HALO Trust’s work at the Baptismal Site