The Speaker of the Knesset replied to His Beatitude’s letter

The Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, the Honourable Mr. Yuli Yoel Edelstein replied to His Beatitude:

Your Beatitude,

I regret that incorrect publications caused you disappointment.
The discussion about recognition of the Armenian Genocide was not scheduled for this week at all, so it was not pulled of the agenda. I did not remove the item of the agenda, not by insinuation and not in fact.
I do not take one word back of what I said on the subject.
I remain true to what I have said in the past years over and over again: the Israeli Knesset must recognize the Armenian Genocide because it is the right and moral thing to do- and not because of political or momentary diplomatic interests.
I hope that I have reassured you.
The moment we are convinced the Knesset will have a majority for recognition, we will bring it to a plenary voting.
I will therefore do everything that is in my ability, and I hope that my efforts will bear fruits.
Behold, The people of Forever- and therefore also our Armenian friends- are not afraid of a long way.

In friendship and with greetings,

Yuli Yoel Edelstein
Speaker of the Knesset



answer Yuli Edelstain May 31 2018

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