Passing away of Father Hampardzoum Keshishian

It is with deep grief that we announce the passing away of
our Chief Dragoman and a member of the St. James Brotherhood
the Very Reverend Father Hampartzoum Keshishian.
Father Hampartzoum passed peacefully away in his sleep, on March 10, 2019.
He was consecrated a celibate priest in 1979 – by the late Archbishop Dirayr Mardikian, of blessed memory- and since his ordination he served the Armenian Patriarchate diligently and faithfully, for more than 40 years. Since his ordination he served the Armenian Patriarchate in several positions, his last function being the Chief Dragoman.
The funeral services will start on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning during Divine Liturgy,
Tuesday March 12 at 16.00 p.m. and Wednesday morning at 9.00 a.m., at Sts. James Cathedral.

Condolences will be held at the Seminary’s main hall, following the funeral services.

fr Hampartsoum

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