Lent 2020

Lent 2020

Since yesterday we’ve entered the period of Great Lent, Medz Bahk. The curtains have closed the altars from our sight, and we are preparing ourselves for Holy Easter.

Christian tradition has followed 40 days of fasting before Easter since early times.
In the tradition of the Armenian Church, the Sundays of Lent are dedicated to Bible passages; on Thursdays and Tuesdays there are evening prayers – to be seen in the schedule.
You are cordially invited to participate in the services.

For many of us, our days often pass in fixed routines: breakfast, work or school, lunch, dinner, sports and leisure time.
Great Lent is intended to break that daily routine, and focus on what is more important than sustenance of our body only.
In Great Lent many of us fast, abstain from certain foods and/or eat in moderation.

However, Great Lent is not about food and drink only.
The abstinence from certain foods and participation in prayers, Bible reading, Church services and doing works of charity, help us focus on our connection with God.

Great Lent thus becomes a tool to strengthen our relationship with God.

We wish you a meaningful Lent.

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