Generous donation Mr. Harout Ayvazian to the Armenian Patriarchate


Generous donation of  Mr. Harout Ayvazian from Los Angeles, California, of $ 600,000 to the Armenian Patriarchate.
Mr. Ayvazian visited the Holy Places with his family and participated in the Christmas celebrations and the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ at the Baptismal site at Jordan River.
The pilgrimage to the Holy Places invoked in Mr. Ayvazian the zeal to assist the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem financially.
Mr. Ayvazian told the Very Reverend Father Baret, a family friend, to inform His Beatitude about the generous amount of $ 600,000 that he would donate to the Armenian Patriarchate, part of which is to be allocated to the renovation of the St. Gregory Church in Katamon, in the new city of Jerusalem.

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Mr. Harout Ayvazian is the son of the faithful Krikor and Maryam Ayvazian, Armenians from Iraq. In 1968 he emigrated to the United States, and studied chemistry. Later on he made a career switch to Real Estate.
The faithful Mr. Ayvazian, realizing the importance of his Armenian heritage, has also supported local Armenian organizations. When visiting the Holy Land, he realized the importance of maintaining the Holy Places, and decided to support the Armenian Patriarchate.
The Armenian Patriarchate is very grateful for Mr. Ayvazian’s generous donation.

His Beatitude Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, the Armenian Patriarch, also on behalf of the Brotherhood of St. James, expresses his appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Ayvazian, and calls upon the faithful to support the Armenian Patriarchate in its mission in the Holy Land, for the benefit of the Holy Places.


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