Feast of the Discovery of the Belt of the Holy Virgin

September 9, 2018
Divine Liturgy at the tomb in the Church of St. Mary

The second Sunday after the Assumption of Virgin Mary, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Discovery of her Belt.
Early Christian tradition tells us, that the Apostle St. Thomas received the belt from Virgin Mary as he saw her being taken to heaven by angels. St. Thomas then showed it to the other Apostles, who recognized it as hers- and Virgin Mary’s tomb was found to be empty.
The Holy Belt was made of camel hair by the Virgin herself, as he learned to sew and create altar pieces during her youth in the Temple.
In the Bible we read about clothing of camel hair in regards to St. John the Baptist (the Gospel of St. Matthew 3: 4). Camel hair is very soft and fine, and also nowadays a sought-after material.
During the centuries, many miracles have been ascribed to the Belt of Virgin Mary.
Palma Vecchio, Assumption of Mary, who is removing her belt as Thomas (above the head of the apostle in green) hurries to the scene

Painting by Palma Vecchio, 16th century, the Ascension of Virgin Mary. Pay attention to the belt in her hands.