Feast Day of St. Nicholas

Saturday 18 December, 2021

Feast Day of St. Nicholas

Saturday December 18, 2021, we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Nicholas with the Divine Liturgy in the Church of St. Nicholas, in the Monastery in Jaffa.
This day is also the patronage day of the Armenian Community in Jaffa.

St. Nicholas of Myra lived from around 270-334 AD, as a son of Christian parents. They instructed their son to read the Bible, pray and live a Christian life. They passed away when St. Nicholas was still young; they left him a large financial inheritance. St. Nicholas went to live with his uncle, who was abbot in a monastery. St. Nicholas spent his inheritance especially for charitable works.
Christian tradition tells us that St. Nicholas anonymously provided poor girls with money for marriage. Another account writes about a sailor with a ship full of grain, who dreamt about St. Nicholas. In the dream St. Nicholas told him to take his ship to Myra, and when the sailor awoke, he had golden coins in his hand. Thus St. Nicholas saved the city of Myra from famine.
St. Nicholas also visited the Holy Land as a pilgrim. When a heavy storm hit the ship at sea, St. Nicholas prayed, and the storm subsided. St. Nicholas is in certain Christian traditions seen as the Patron Saint of the sailors. These and more miracles are recounted to be done by God’s servant St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. St. Nicholas entered eternal rest on December 6, AD 343.

The Armenian Apostolic Patriarchate of Jerusalem owns various relics, among them a relic of St. Nicholas. A few years ago, the tradition was reestablished to bring the relic to the Church in Jaffa for the Feast Day of St. Nicholas.

Saturday December 18, 2021, the Divine Liturgy starts at 11.00 in the morning; we kindly invite you to participate.

The following video is made by the Very Reverend Father Ghevond Hovhanissyan, with footage of Jaffa:


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