Feast Birth of Virgin Mary and Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia

Tomorrow, September 21, 2021, we celebrate the Birth of Virgin Mary.
On the same day, the Republic of Armenia also celebrates its 20th Independence Day.

Early Christian tradition tells us about the miraculous birth of Virgin Mary.
Her pious parents, St. Joachim and St. Anne, longed for children, and fervently prayed for it.
Malicious people made fun of them and gossiped that not having children was a punishment from God.
St. Joachim and St. Anne turned faithfully to God, and devoted themselves even more to fasting, prayers and good works.
And God heard their prayers. An angel announced them the birth of an extraordinary child, as “Through her all the nations of the world will be blessed, and through her will come the Salvation of the world”.
Virgin Mary was at the tender age of three years old, given to the Temple, to grow up there, together with other consecrated young girls. There she served God and her faith in God grew.
When Virgin Mary became 12, she got engaged to the much older widower St. Joseph. St. Joseph gave his oath to protect her and to have her continue her pure life as a consecrated virgin.

During their engagement time, an angel appeared to Virgin Mary, and unfolded God’s plan.
Virgin Mary faithfully answered “I am the servant of the Lord. May it be unto me according to your word.”

Virgin Mary declared that in deep faith and commitment, she was willing to be the mother of God and serve Him. She took a leap in faith, trusting God completely.
Virgin Mary lived the “Your Will be done” from the Lord’s prayer, that we pray every day.
May we grow in faith and trust God like Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

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