The Discovery of the relics of St. Gregory the Illuminator

The discovery of the relics of St. Gregory the Illuminator

The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates three Feast days connected with St. Gregory the Illuminator. St. Gregory the Illuminator is the patron saint of the Armenian Church. It was St. Gregory the Illuminator who preached and lived the gospel, and Christianity spread in Armenia. In the year 301 AD King Drtad the Great as well as the nation of the Armenians accepted Christian faith, thus becoming the first Christian nation.

St. Gregory the Illuminator spent his last years on earth living as an ascetic, in the cave of Mane on the Mountain Sepuh, until he passed away around 328 A.D. Shepherds found his body and buried him.
Some years later, a former disciple of St. Gregory, Garnik of Basen, had a vision in which the burial site of St. Gregory was revealed to him. He went to Mount Sepouh and found the burial site and transferred the relics of St. Gregory to the village of Tordan, in the province of Daranagh, where also King Drtad the Great was said to be buried.
Some of the relics were brought over to a monastery near the river Aradzani, where St. Gregory the Illuminator had baptized the royal family and the Armenian people.

The Jerusalem Patriarchate of Jerusalem has a relic of St. Gregory the Illuminator.

According to Jerusalemite tradition, Divine Liturgy will be celebrated on Sunday July 18 in the Church of St. Gregory, in the German Colony in Jerusalem.

Some years ago, the Church of St. Gregory has been completely renovated, and the Church looks again astonishing beautiful. We cordially invite you to celebrate on Sunday with us.


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