Donation of Gospel Concordances by the Kalemkiarian Family.

A few months ago we were contacted by Mr. Paul Hagop Kalemkiarian.

Mr. Kalemkiarian wrote us, that he printed the work of his father of beloved memory, Mr. Hagop Boghos Kalemkiarian.
His father had worked with the British Forces all over the Middle East; when he was stationed near Fayed in Egypt between the late 1940s and early 1950s, he had composed a Concordance of the four Gospels in Armenian and English.

As a memory to his dear father, Mr. Paul Hagop Kalemkiarian has had his manuscript published in a luxurious facsimile publication- and he has sent this book to all Armenian Seminary Students.
Therefore he generously offered to gift all of our students at the Theological Seminary with a personalized copy of his father’s book.
Mr. Kalemkiarian covered also the costs of shipping and handling- and some time ago three big boxes of books arrived at the Seminary in Jerusalem.
When studying the Gospels, a concordance is a treasured handbook for beginning as well as advanced students.

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas season, the Dean of the Armenian Theological Seminary, the very Reverend Father Dajad Tsatourian, handed each Seminary student a personalized copy of the Concordance.
On one picture the Seminarians from the Deacons’ classes are to be seen, proudly showing their books.

On behalf of the students of the Armenian Theological Seminary we would like to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Kalemkiarian for this valuable book.